View Full Version : any Japanese users of slimserver/squeezebox on this list?

Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-08-19, 10:52

While not interested specifically in Japanese, non latin-1 support would
be great.
Doesn't it break down into a two parts though:
- Support of non latin-1 titles
both on the SB and on the web interface
- Support of non latin-1 interface
both on the SB and web interface

Making an assumption here, that the first would satisfy most users, with
the second step next.
What tasks need to happen other than what you have listed?

Could we allow the user to swtich which font he has loaded on the SB and
allow different sets to be loaded, but not have to maintain different
firmware versions?


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> I would REALLY love to help. I am not into tech stuff and I just
> don't know how :-)

That's okay - we can put our heads together. :)

There are others here on the list who have a lot of experience with
localization, including how to display non-English characters in our
web interface. However, the most important steps where we need the help

of a native speaker to get started are:

1) Creating at least one Japanese font to show on our display. As a
first step, we can use a readily available font, though later we might
want to adjust it so it looks as nice as possible on our screen. Dean
can best explain how to make a font, and which tools are helpful for
doing this.

2) Translating as much as possible of the text that we use for menus,
prompts, and so on. Please take a look at this file:


Here you will see all of the text that appears on the Squeezebox in a
number of languages. All that is needed is to add a new 'JP' line for
each section.