View Full Version : Does 7.5 really work with Duet/ ReadyNAS Duo ?

2010-05-15, 10:07
I just noticed the invitation to upgrade firmware to 7.5. I have the Squeezebox Duet and ReadyNAS Duo. I had tried to upgrade to the 7.4 (usual tedious install procedure) but the system never became stable - constantly needing to rebuffer. I cleaned out the 7.4 and went back to 7.3.3 which works just fine. Is it worth trying to leapfrog to the 7.5 firmware - or will I be facing similar issues. I should add that when i discussed the problems I was having Logitech blamed it on NetGear and NetGEar blamed it on Logitech with no real tech support solution being offered to solve the instability problem. router is Linksys WRT610N v1

PS - also posted on NetGear site

2010-05-15, 10:14
There is little (probably nothing as far as I can tell) in 7.5 that you need for a duet. If 7.3 works smoothly for you, my recommendation is to stick with it. I have 7.5 because I have a TOUCH. And it is problem free for my touch, transporter, booms, and duet. But I'm running it on a windows server (xp) that is on 24/7. (p.s., I have a readynas duo, but I gave up on it over a year ago as a server for Squeezebox. The user interface or iPENG is painfully slow with a large 100,000+ track music collection.)

2010-05-15, 10:32
I have about 660 Gb of music on my Duo 1 Tb drives. The biggest problem with the controller is the long "Please Wait" after being asleep. Frankly, while the system works, given the technical problems I had in setting it up- literally hours and hours online and on the phone trying to overcome problems( and you can throw the Setup wizard into the trash)with countless reboots of the entire system, I conclude that the Duet/Duo combo is not ready for "Prime Time". I was hoping 7.5 would overcome some controller defects - but I appreciate your suggestion to leave well enough alone. Thus, 7.3.3 it is since everything does work.

2010-05-15, 12:25
not to discount your problems, which I'm sure are real, but I can say it took me about 2 minutes to hook up my duet/controller, and most of that time was for updating firmware. It's been rock solid ever since (about a year of continuous use), although I just replaced it with a TOUCH a month ago (so the receiver is in the drawer at the moment). I think the readynas duo is an entirely different matter. In my opinion, it was never powerful enough to do what it needs to do with squeezebox music server.

2010-05-15, 13:55
All of the problems I referred to have only to do with the combined Duet/Duo system. The Duet worked out of the box when using only my laptop. I only wish that NetGear and Logitech would spend more time on developing a better interface since once it is up, the system works fine with the limitations I mentioned. Logitech firmware upgrades should ideally work flawlessly with the Duo.

2010-05-15, 16:14
Does 7.5 really work with Duet/ ReadyNAS Duo ?

Yes. I just followed the upgrade directions carefully and have had no issues. I haven't noticed anything different with the newer version
other than no more "upgrade available" messages.

2010-05-15, 23:04
Did you do the usual SqueezeCenter clean, remomve/install, clean, sequence as well as updating the controller firmware? and then everything ran smoothly? do you use flac files? If so are there any problems?

2010-05-16, 13:06
Did you do the usual SqueezeCenter clean, remomve/install, clean, sequence as well as updating the controller firmware? and then everything ran smoothly? do you use flac files? If so are there any problems?

Yes, I went through all steps of the recommended process without issue. I updated the controller when prompted after the server was upgraded.

My library is approx 11.5K FLAC files and haven't experienced any issues.

My full setup consists of the server running on the Duo, one controller, and three receivers. While the Duo is hardwired to the router, all other pieces are wirelessly connected through a Lincsys WRT400N router. I did reserve IP addresses for all wireless devices.

2010-05-17, 23:10
I also have a duet and a duo (plus a couple of booms). After following the usual upgrade process it all worked fine. No problems.
The problem with the long delay after the controller is woken up was fixed for me when I installed 7.4.x, and is also fine in 7.5

2010-05-19, 14:00
I finally did the 7.5 install on the Duet/Duo combination and after a rescan of the music library everything seems to be working ok. I didn't get the thumbnail art to function until I did the total rescan which took about 3.5 hours total (660Gb- 20,000 tracks).

2010-06-01, 09:17
Now that I have the 7.5 upgrade running I have found that files bought from i-tunes in m4a format won't play - I get an error message. In random play the message repeats as each m4a file comes up during the building of the playlist. I know others have had this problem but can't find the right thread. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!! (Is this problem solvable?)

2010-06-05, 00:11
7.5 and duo working perfectly here (both upgrade from 7.4, and a recent factory reset on the duo, so 7.5 straight out).
no issues at all.

.cue, flac, mp3 and wma files totalling around 35gb. im also using the experimental scanner.

2010-06-05, 11:20
With the 7.5.1 firmware on the Duet/Duo combination, the m4a playback problem was resolved. Only residual problem is the repeating and insisting message on the controller to upgrade to 7.5.1 r8837 even though it has already done that and is the firmware version listed in "About". Anyone know how to get rid of this annoying glitch?