View Full Version : Issues with Synology DS 209 NAS

2010-05-14, 21:52

I've search this forum and I need a bit of help. I have a Synology DS 209 NAS which I'm running Squeezecenter 7.4.2. I originally had my squeezebox duet and radio running off my Macbook Pro (7.50). I'm using iTunes to gather and sort my music. But I noticed since I've switched to the NAS I'm not seeing the small thumbnail images when I scroll through the albums. And some of my albums are being broken with one or two songs in each album. I also am not seeing my playlists. Everything runs fine when I use my Mac as the main source for the information.

My music and itunes folders were just copied over so my folder structure should be pretty much the same. I just can't figure why this is happening when I run the squeezebox through my NAS.

2010-05-16, 14:08
I was able to get my album artwork and albums not be broken up but I'm still not seeing my playlists. Has anybody else had this issue?