View Full Version : Hyper Sensitive Remote Control after Display Upgrade.

Stephen R Ward
2004-08-19, 03:19
Yeah... -- I posted about this a few days ago, too.

Bizarrely, it only seems to be a problem when I use the latest beta of the
server (5.3.0b1), though. When I go back to the latest full release (5.2.1
-- because of other issues I'm still having with the instability of the beta
on XP), everything's okay -- even though I've obviously still got the latest
version of the firmware on my Squeezebox....

- $.

Stephen R Ward
<srward (AT) srward (DOT) com>

On 19/8/04 12:56 am, "Brian Baldwin" <bobaidan (AT) cox (DOT) net> wrote:

> It's not just you. I've had the same problem since upgrading my display.
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>> From: Jason <mailto:jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net>
>> I had a problem similar to this, the first time I put the cover on the
>> squeezebox my remote didn't work at all, I removed the top cover, tightened
>> up the pin 1 connection, tested it (worked fine) re-assembled it more
>> carefully and everything has worked fine since.
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>> My new funky display arrived today. Loaded up slimserver_v2004-18-08.exe,
>> now my remote control navigation (right arrow) is hyper sensitive. Too much
>> of a press and I “drill” right too much.

Daryle A. Tilroe
2004-08-19, 18:22
Following up to this thread with a slightly different issue
because I believe they are related. First I am seeing the
OP issue with the SqueezeboxG and the Aug 17 nightly. However
I am also seeing another responsiveness/sluggishness issue. It
seems to be related to animation as well. Particularly with the
larger sizes when scrolling around (eg. browsing songs) every 4
or so screen switches I get massive stuttering on the scroll and
audio dropouts. IMHO both these issues could be related to some timing
or interupt routine issue in the display and animation routines
that completely bogs down the server and/or causes it to miss button

Daryle A. Tilroe