View Full Version : After power loss Squeezebox G refuses to connect

2004-08-19, 01:05
Something rather odd has happened this evening. I lost power for about 2
hours (we have a huge storm going here in Colorado) . my UPS kicked on and I
dutifully shut my network down.

After power was restored I fired everything back up and verified that
Slimserver.pl was running on my Linux machine. My SliMP3 has re-connected
with no problems at all. The wireless squeezebox G refuses to connect,
complaining that it has lost contact with the server (says lost contact with
server, check that the server software is running).

What gives? I've never had a problem like this. I had this problem
initially after upgrading to the G display, but upgraded the slimserver
software and seemed to take care of it, but here I am again.

Slimserver running the nightly from three days ago, Squeezebox on FW33.