View Full Version : Help with streaming a station

2010-05-12, 08:19

I found a radio station that I would like to play through my SB3 and boomBox however, I can't get the url to play properly.
The station is smoothjazznow.com.
Then if you click on the listen live button, the music plays fine on my pc.
I thought that the following url was streaming the music but I guess its not;
I can hear the music on my pc.

So if someone could take a look at the above station and tell me what is the url that actually points to the music, that would be great.

Thank you

Windows 7 64bit
SB3 firmware 130

2010-05-12, 10:19
It is likely a stream limited to only their player on their web site.

2010-05-12, 16:57
I'm looking to stream KSTP AM 1500 to my Squeezebox Boom. Here's a stream I picked up on, however, I can't seen to add it to my favorites list:


Anyone have other ideas?