View Full Version : Changing playlist at a specific time

Nalle Johansson
2004-08-18, 13:36
I have tryed AlarmPlugin by Kevin Deane-Freeman but it
dosn´t work the way I want it to do.

I have 11 Slimdevices and I want a playlist to start at
06:30 and another at 13:00 an then another at 19:45 and
then I want the all the slimdevices to stop playing at

The problem is that I must use the Remote to make changes
in the alarmclocks and if I dont press any key on the
remote - another alarmclock will not trigger.

Can someone help me with a script or something that let me
control (just change playlist) from windows? A "At-job" for
each player will be a great solotion.

Bästa hälsningar/Best Regards
Nalle Johansson