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2010-05-09, 04:27
Hi all

I love my squeeze products, but get frustrated I have to create and maintain a separate iTunes library, based on the squeezebox music, just to be able to sync with iPhones and iPods.

What is the best tool to manage this syncing?
is iTunes and the playlist sync the only way?

Mac or Windows options I don't mind (although mac preferred)

Thanks in advance

2010-05-13, 01:46
Ok so no one using apple products without using iTunes, or just not interested? :-/


2010-05-13, 05:48
No - using iTunes; very interested; but am without any alternatives to offer that better it, or that don't involve Parallels and Windows, so it would have been pointless to respond.

Regards to you, too.

On 13 May 2010, at 09:46, local.bin wrote:

> Ok so no one using apple products without using iTunes, or just not
> interested? :-/
> Regards
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2010-05-13, 06:08
Have you tried mediamonkey. I think it's very good, assuming that you are only interested in audio- it doesn't do video. It also allows yopu the prvilege of synching your iphone with any computer running mediamonkey- it doesn;t confine you to just one. I find this useful to take downloads/rips from my homer pc and copying them to my work computer.

2010-05-13, 06:12
I use SB for my home music system and itunes for synching with my ipods/iphones. I'm not sure there is anything much easier for you to do, but then again, I find it pretty simple. Here's what I do:

1. My SB stuff is not connected to ITUNES in any way. That is, I do NOT use the SB/itunes integration features.

2. My music is all on a USB hard drive connected to my home computer (that runs SB Server and iTUNES). Skipping some of the details about how things are organized, assume it is all on D:\music (my actual setup is more complicated as I have FLAC files that only SB sees, mp3/aac files that both SB and Itunes sees, and then mp3 versions of FLAC files that only itunes sees; this is all handled automatically by my file directory structure).

3. I tell SB Server that the music library is D:\music. It scans this, creates its own database, etc. I then use SB to play this music.

4. I also tell ITUNES that the music library is D:\music. Itunes keeps its own library updated with this info. I don't use itunes for playing anything, but I do synch my ipods/iphones to this ITUNES account.

5. If I add a new album, song, etc. I add this to my itunes library. There are several ways to do this depending on whether you want itunes using its own naming/directory structure approach. For example, itunes now has an automatic way to do this. You can put the new music in the "automatically add to itunes" subdirectory (see link).


6. To make SB see the new music, I simply do the incremental music scan (scan for new music) or occasionally I simply do a rescan of my complete library.

Bottom line: I have one copy of files on a drive and both itunes and SB looks at these files, but otherwise don't interact with each other.

Let me know if you have any questions or I can clarify.

2010-05-13, 08:55
I use a very similiar approach and works very well indeed.

2010-05-13, 14:41
Me too, although I also use CustomScan to import iTunes ratings into SBS to allow me to replicate SmartList functionality with Erlands excellent plugs ins.