View Full Version : Very Slow Squeezebox Server on WHS

2010-05-06, 09:08
I own three SB Booms, and a duet, My Squeezebox works fine, but Squeezebox Serer is so slow that it is useless. I have the software on my WHS, I do have over 2000 CD's ripped to the Server so there is a lot of music. When I access Squeezebox Server from any device it takes a few minutes then the controls respond like they are moving through concrete, you can turn the knob and maybe in 20 seconds you'll get a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2010-05-06, 11:00
Can you provide info on your setup - server CPU speed and memory, router brand/model, is the server connected wired or wirelessly, are the SB players wired or wireless, etc?