View Full Version : Browse by label

Harald Walker
2004-08-18, 05:59
Howard Darwen wrote:
> Maybe I am the only one that thinks this, but i'd love the capability to
> browse by record label in slim. (...)
> In the ID3 tag it's not 100% clear to me which field you could use, but
> copyright owner or publisher seem the most appropriate ...

What about the 'grouping' field? Where do people use this one for?

> i'd also like to
> pull it from the folder/file name structure in the same way that you can
> guess tags at the moment ...
> anyone else think it'd be useful ...

Yes. Very much. I often like to listen to music from certain labels.
Sometimes I create special playlists, so that I can listen to my WARP or
Thinner collection.

Actually once the SlimServer can uses a SQL-database it would get easier
to store additional information. But then the SlimServer will also need
quiet a bit of music library management functions, like the requested
tag editor.