View Full Version : Two presses to make presets play?

2010-05-05, 19:07
Ever since updating to 7.5 it can take two presses to get my presets to play.

Restart the server service
1. Hold down a # key
- Screen says "press and hold to save"
2. Let go before any save happens
- Nothing plays
3. Hold down the key again
- Screen says "press and hold to save"
4. Let go before any save happens
- The presets starts playing

When I was using 7.4 the presets started playing after step #2. With 7.5 this doesn't happen**. I deleted my presets and re-added them but the same behavior persists. I read a ton of threads on presets but didn't see this problem mentioned anywhere. This affects both my SB1 and SB3 using two different remotes.

**This only occurs when starting to play a preset after I haven't played anything for a while (e.g. in the morning or getting home from work) OR right after restarting squeezeboxserver so I don't think the server is going to sleep and needs some time to wake up. Once I start playing things the presets work with just one key press as expected.

Am I missing something? Any suggestions?

Ubuntu Server 9.04

2010-05-06, 01:26
Preset are a real mess.

I look forward to them being sorted out and configurable in the web interface as in the days when 10 of the Favorites could be assigned Preset Numbers.

Yes, a real mess.

2010-05-06, 11:37
Glad to hear it's not just me that regards this "behaviour" as madness.

2010-05-06, 14:10
I'm seeing this too, I'm also seeing similar weirdness with pause/unpause and play all since I upgraded to 7.5.


2010-05-06, 15:47
My Boom seems to be fine, but my Radio seems to be participating in Function Roulette. I never know if pushing a preset will play, not play, play not what is that preset, resume playing something that already ended and was no longer playing, etc. Pushing FF or RW on podcasts, or Play on podcasts, can give me nothing, the previous podcast, or the preset that wasn't working before and the reason I gave up and looked for a podcast!

2010-05-12, 13:03
I've cured my problems, I put 7.4.2 back on!
I saw no advantages to 7.5 and if they're stopping supporting the older players then there's no point being on the bleeding edge anymore.