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Christopher May
2004-08-17, 18:00
Maybe these lists can go to a web-based forum? If you're not on the list
an you miss stuff, none of the solutions to search the "archives" is
very robust or user friendly...

Then you can have as many lists as you want and make them all


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>> Nightly releases are development snapshots - not intended for normal
>> use. If you want to track the nightly releases, please also sign up
>> for the checkins mailing list where you can see what's changing and
>> when it was changed - this list is not the best place to ask.
> Just an observation that a significant amount of traffic on this list
> already involves talk about the nightlies. Usually in terms of test
> results bug fixes (eg. "yes that's a known problem; try the latest
> nightly since it fixes it."). As such it is often somewhat unclear
> what list to post to when discussing these issues.

Sorry, actually I agree... after replying, I thought about it a bit and
realized that more people running the nightlies is exactly what we
want, and we need to find the best way to manage it as the pool of
adventurous (and helpful) testers grows. As you point out, it's not
clear where to go because depending on the issue, it might be relevant
to something happening already in discuss or dev, but maybe not (new
issue or bug discovered, for example).

However, we're usually reluctant to establish new mailing lists because
we don't want to important issues to get lost because somebody wasn't
following the right list.

So... suggestions? One thing I've considered is to make a nicer web
page for the nightly index, which displays an automatically generated
list of all the checkin comments for the last week or so. That would
make it easier to see what's new, and what's different between
particular nightly releases. I'll talk to Dean about it, but more ideas
from you all would be appreciated.

For the mean time, yes, I think this is a fine place to talk about the