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Jules Taplin
2004-08-17, 15:56
Stuart - now all of that I can believe.

I even sort of buy the 'it was 1996' bit. Shame, though.

On the plus side - I do think we've finally cracked the 'reliable
transcoding of BBC streams. The testing version of AlienBBC is definately
looking up.

(Oh... with the exception of the World Service streams, which are violently
low-bitrate (15kbit or so), and need a RealPlayer plugin to play. Needless
to say... xine doesn't approve.

-- Jules

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>>I received a long (off the record) email from a BBC engineer explaining
>> why they had gone down the Real Audio route, and why it was highly
>> unlikely (never going to happen) that they would move in a different
>> direction.
>> The only bit I can quote is:
>> "Real had Internet streaming many many years ago, the BBC started using
>> it in 1996. There were no alternatives that could be played on such a
>> wide set of platforms (Loads of different flavours of UNIX, Acorn
>> Archimedies, Mac, Windoze ...), over time we have built up terrabytes of
>> media dating back years."
>> Licensing, politics, legal, and other issues were all raised. Given that
>> they are now (or have, not sure) selling off BBC Engineering, any
>> significant spend in this area is even more unlikely. Of course if Apple
>> gave them a fat handout, Itunes could happen... But I bet it would be a
>> "Premium" service, provided for a fee, or even worse, encrypted!
>> Transcoding or DAB (obviously not an option if outside the UK) are the
>> only ways to go realistically (sorry, no pun intended). I'm looking into
>> a new DAB USB device, but no info on supply of that so far from the
>> manufacturer.
>> DAB works well with the Wavefinder (only available on eBay I believe) -
>> once you've persuaded the Wavfinder to work of course (no mean feat!),
>> and provided you have room for a device that looks like an extra from
>> the movie of "War of the Worlds".
>> Stuart.
>> www.multitask-computing.co.uk
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>> Having the BBC also support MP3 would be a huge step forward. MP3,
>> while not free, IS open and available for licensing by anyone. It just
>> costs money.
>> I also would prefer a completely free alternative, but as MP3 is the de
>> facto standard and is supported by the largest number of hardware and
>> software players (including SlimServer/Squeezebox), it would be an
>> excellent step for the BBC.
>> On Aug 17, 2004, at 5:13 AM, Jules Taplin wrote:
>>> Oh for goodness sake... what's the point of trying to get the BBC to
>>> stop using one proprietry format, and start using another. If anything
>>> - we should be trying to persuade them to either restart their OGG
>>> trials (started... and then abandoned for lack of time on their part),
>>> or at least to just stream in mp3. Trust me... having spent the last
>>> ages hacking around with slimserver support for BBC streams - we don't
>>> _WAN'T_ iTunes support. We want something open instead.
>>> (Sorry.... rant over. It just irritates the hell out of me that we
>>> have a public service organisation - that produces some fantastic
>>> output - but that they're then propping up broken, irritating,
>>> proprietry standards *sigh*).
>>> -- Jules
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>>> Subject: [slim] BBC and iTunes
>>>> If anyone's interested in trying to persuade the BBC to supply their
>>>> streams
>>>> via iTunes, there's a petition available from here:
>>>> <http://www.macworld.co.uk/forums/msgs.cfm?msg=35776&forum=4>
>>>> Cheers...
>>>> --
>>>> - $.
>>>> Stephen R Ward
>>>> <srward (AT) srward (DOT) com>