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2010-05-02, 01:53
Morning to all.

I currently have a Duet (for a year or so) and have happily had no problems of note.

I am now looking to expand for something for the kitchen.
My question / choice therefore is what is best - Radio or Boom?

Also - of course we have microwave's etc in the kitchen - will they affect wifi reception? (the router is in the room directly above the kitchen).

Appreciate any thoughts


2010-05-02, 01:59
Hi Steve,

I have a Boom in the kitchen and find it excellent. It delivers a fullsome sound and has two speakers giving stereo as oppose to the Radio's mono speaker. The radio has a colour screen which may appeal if you use apps like Facebook etc. The Boom has nice big buttons etc which is handy in the kitchen and I tend not to use my controller.

When my Boom is connected to my squeezebox it will cut out if my microwave is on but doesn't when connected to Squeezeserver. I read the forums and undrstand that this may be peculiar to Panasonic microwaves (which ours is) and may not be an issue with other brands.

In summary there is no bad choice there. Enjoy


2010-05-02, 02:16
I have both a Boom and a Radio. The Boom acts as a bedside alarm clock and the Radio is in the kitchen. Given the choice again I'd opt for a Radio for the following reasons:

- Seems to have better wifi reception. I've used it in the garden and not had buffer issues whereas the Boom often seems to drop out

- Adding a battery to the Radio makes a good product into an awesome product, as I said I can quite happily use it in the garden and the bttery easily last for several hours

- Easily portable so you can take it wherever you want whilst the Boom always needs to be close to a power socket and will have to boot up on connection

The pros for the Boom are:
- Slightly better sound quality from the two speakers
- More options available through Squeezebox server
- Prefer the VFD display



2010-05-02, 08:29
We have a Duet and a Boom and have been happy with them. One note on the microwave issue. Our microwave is halfway between the SBR and the router. (About 20 feet from each, with a couple of walls, too.) We had problems when the microwave was on until that microwave died and we bought a new GE. No problems at all with the new one, so it definitely varies with the model.

2010-05-02, 08:43
depends on the size of the kitchen. The boom has more, well, boom. It sounds fuller. But this might overwhelm a smaller room.

As for the stereo, the speakers are very close. There is a small area where you actually have a stereo effekt. orthogonal to the box and not to far away. If you move around in the kitchen, you won't be in the sweet spot too often.

2010-05-02, 08:44
I have a Panasonic microwave as well and it does cause wifi problems (even though the router is nearby). Easily solved by using powerline Ethernet rather than wifi.

I have Booms and a Radio. I have a Boom in the kitchen and I think it is a better choice than the Radio for the kitchen.

With two sets speakers the Boom can go that much louder. In the kitchen with the extractor fan, the main oven and the microwave running in convection oven mode the Radio would struggle. As it is I have the Boom turned most of the way up in that situation when listening to speech radio.

Luckily both the Boom and Radio can be turned right up without any sign of distortion, unlike your typical small audio equipment.

2010-05-02, 09:19
... the router is in the room directly above the kitchen ...

If your router is directly above the kitchen unit, you might have some transmission / reception issues depending on the router you're using (or more specifically the router's antenna orientation). Any issues can probably be resolved, but you may have to fiddle with the router's placement or orientation (if internal) or it's antenna (if external), or your new kitchen unit's placement, a bit.

2010-05-02, 09:29
I would say either would work well. I currently have a Boom for my kitchen, and a Radio for my bedroom. As mentioned, both have different benefits. If you had both, you could figure out which works best for your Kitchen, and use the other someplace else. (You should know if you follow these forums at all that squeezeboxes multiply like rabbits, so you'll likely end up with at least one of each eventually, so why wait!)

2010-05-02, 10:10
I also have a Boom and a Radio. The Boom is in the kitchen and I personally prefer it that way.

Louder than the Radio which can help with the noise often generated in the kitchen.
The bracket is perfect for mounting under a cabinet so no work space is interfered with.
Comes with a remote that has a magnetic back, sticks to the fridge ;O)
Currently, the Boom has no software issues. My radio usually lasts about two days before I have to reinstall the firmware to get it going again. Been like this since I got it at the beginning of this year.

I still like my Radio (when it works) and find that good for the bedside as it is smaller. Though it lacks backlit buttons which the Boom has and would be handy.

So, I recommend the Boom for the kitchen.

2010-05-02, 16:55
I would say go for the Boom. Unless the kitchen is really small and you don't have the space for Boom's slightly larger footprint, and are 100% sure you won't need the Boom's bigger sound. I think the Boom's sound is much better than the Radio's, and you can also read the display easily from across the room. You can also tailor the Boom's sound more (bass, treble, StereoXL), which can be a plus in a kitchen, where the acoustics are almost guaranteed to suck. As others have mentioned, the Boom will also do better competing with the various and sundry noises encountered in a kitchen.

As for the microwave, it depends in part on how leaky the microwave is. It shouldn't be very leaky. The SB2 in our kitchen is wired ethernet, but the SB Controller sits about 10cm from the microwave and it never visibly drops out. Of course, a Controller moves a lot less data than a player, so as usual, YMMV.

2010-05-03, 11:35
+1 for the BOOM.

Why limit yourself to a single speaker, when you can get a pair for merely a few more $ when they're on sale?

The Radio's colour display is nice, but I'd take the extra speaker over it any day. Battery could be useful though...