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2010-05-01, 13:37
I have a several year old squeezbox (which isnt even listed as a product anymore). I have been using it without problem for years. Recently it has started to disconnect from Pandora regularly - I can not listen for any extended period without it disconnecting. I dont have any problems when I connect to my own music library. I had version 7.3.2 for a while before this started happening. I just upgraded to 7.5 to see if that would help but it is still doing the same thing. Nothing in my system has changed. I have DSL and I get ~3Mbps download on it. I have no other problems with internet access. Any idea what is going on?

2010-05-04, 09:46
Try checking out Bug #16170 to see if it describes your devices symptoms. It refers to manifestations that began with the 7.5 FW update: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=16170.

I think one reason you have not had many responses is that you mentioned that you had the same problem with FW 7.3. Think whether the symptoms were exactly the same or whether they fixed the problem in 7.3 and created a new, but similar one in 7.5.

2010-05-06, 14:09
Thanks. That seems to describe the problem, but it is not clear to me what the solution is. Go to a previous version? Wait for a fix? Was there some fix in that thread I missed??

I like music but am not too computer savvy