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2010-04-30, 13:22
have posted this but will have a look for previous posts on the subject . here goes , before we start let me tell you i can only just turn my laptop on and off , im that useles with all things pc so technical answers are going to go straight over my head .. just wondered what the easiest way of getting all my artwork onto my squeezy server was , other than a hand ful of downloaded albums artwork just blank , even though they show up in itunes ????? help an old music loving fool guys cheers batters

2010-04-30, 20:52
u gotta tell us some more.

music files format? operating system?

if windows and mp3 the easiest thing is to set windows media player to "monitor" your music folder. it won't be 100% accurate, but it'll get you most of it.

2010-04-30, 23:06
ok dude , i,m ripping everything using apple lossless via itunes then saved on my external hard drive then squeezecenter is picking it all back up ... that any good ? the few downloaded itune titles do have artwork which i,m guessing is embedded .. i have tried the basics like copy artwork from amazon but no good , as previously mentioned i,m a bit thick when it comes to 'puters ...

2010-05-01, 02:15
i think itunes has a get artwork function. i hate itunes tho, so i'm not much help. is it a mac OS?

2010-05-01, 08:05
yeah i got most artwork showing in my itunes but not in my squeezecenter , i use itunes btw because its idiot proof and i,m an idiot....

2010-05-01, 08:27
Without doubt the easiest solution for me has been...

ps Coincidence - your avatar and the fact that I've just been ripping my Aphex/Reflex CDs to FLAC!

2010-05-02, 04:00
If I understand your original query, all your artwork is visible in iTunes. There is no other place that it needs to be as the squeezebox server running on your computer will pick it up from iTunes provided the library is correctly linked (presumably it is as you can play the music).

It may be that some artwork within iTunes is attached to individual tracks and not to the album, depending on how you've sourced and attached it in the first place.

I've just spent many happy hours sourcing the correct artwork and attaching it to the albums in iTunes. Mostly I've scanned my album artwork out of the CD case, but also pinched some from Amazon, Play.com etc. If you can find the album with artwork in their catalogue then usually you can right-click on it and either "Copy image" or "Save image as". Then to attach it to the album, there may be other ways but for me playing the album, then pressing ctrl-L to show it's information, opens the artwork pane bottom left. If there's no artwork it will have "Drag artwork here". If you've saved from Amazon or a scan select your artwork in windows explorer etc. and drag into place. If you've copied the image (as per right-click + Copy image) then right-click over the artwork pane and click on "Paste".

Note that you can attach more than one image. I attach the cover art as the first image, then sometimes the listing (from scan) as a second.

The main problem I've encountered is removing the wrong artwork attached automatically by iTunes; the "Clear downloaded artwork" doesn't always work. Then I think you have to either re-load the album without artwork and attach your own, or try deleting the .jpg files from the album folder in explorer.

I hope this helps, if it isn't 100% correct doubtless someone more expert can pick that up.

Good luck