View Full Version : MusicIP settings

2010-04-30, 06:48
I got my Touch a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it to no end. Since I am pretty familiar with MusicIP (been using for the past few years), I was grateful that there is a plug-in for SBS and it's been working well. However, there are a few settings in the GUI MIP that I don't see either within the plug-in or maybe it belongs in the mmm.ini file (I'm using the headless MIP). I hope someone can let me know if the following are possible within SBS:

1) Restrict duplicate artists in mix - I was able to specify a number i.e. No duplicates within XX tracks/minutes/megabytes
2) Shuffle - in the GUI you have a choice of how you wish the mix to be created when hitting the Shuffle button: Smooth Shuffle, Random Shuffle, Sawtooth Shuffle, Scan Shuffle, Jagged Shuffle
3) Exclusions - I know you can specify Filters but I was wondering if you can also use the Exclusions options ("Don't include songs like this in the mix")

Thanks in advance.