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2010-04-30, 05:38
Started FLACing my CD collection a week ago and have completed, A, B and C so far. I guess like most people I am looking forward to a little more space on my shelves and may even be able to bring the third of my vinyl colleciton back into the main room.
I've decided to remove the inserts from the ripped CDs and keep them where my CD cases where. I wonder if I'll regret this strategy?

Brian Ritchie
2010-04-30, 16:34
I bought about 1500 polythene sleeves from JazzLoft; every time I ripped a CD, if I could (*) I took it and the paper liner & sleeve out of the plastic box and put them into a sleeve. This saved a tremendous amount of space, but it does make the CDs more difficult to find.

The plastic boxes get donated to people at work - some folk still can't get enough of them, it seems. (Even so, there's still a big pile of them sitting on the floor; I haven't the heart just to chuck them out.)

I can now fit more CDs onto the shelves (I still buy 'em); but I've now used up all the JazzLoft sleeves and haven't got round to getting more... and I'm starting to run out of space again!

I rarely find myself referring back to the CDs, so really they could be stored elsewhere... except that there isn't really anywhere else for them to go in our house! I think the living-room would look bare without them. (Hmm, not sure SWMBO would agree on this...)

(*) I have a lot of ECM albums and other CDs that have a cardboard surround outside the plastic box. That doesn't fit well into the JazzLoft sleeves, so I've kept the original boxes. Ditto for anything a bit out of the ordinary, e.g. plastic boxes whose colour or shape is an integral part of the artwork. Unfortunately, though plastic sleeve implies ripped, the converse isn't necessarily true, and I have come very close to ripping the same CD more than once. :-)

-- Brian

2010-05-01, 03:58
I use jewelsleeves and stackable 3 drawer cabinets. Each holds about 1000 CDs, and the sleeve holds both front and back of CD insert with no cutting.

ditto, on not doing anything with the cardboard/special CD packages. Yes, harder to find CD, but hopefully, I'll NEVER need to find given that I've ripped to FLAC and have lots of backups of my data.

2010-05-03, 20:20
You might want to double check on the value of those cases before you give them away. :)
There are collectors willing to buy "vintage" smooth-sided, patent-pending CD cases, as well as Lift-Lock and a few other types of specialty (Ryko green-tints, anybody?) cases at a premium.
I, for one, have set up shelving in a storage room to hold my CDs. If I need to access additional artwork, I can always scan it and embed it in my flac.


2010-05-04, 14:09
It's interesting--I've noticed that far more of my CDs are coming in special packaging--booklets, sleeves, digipaks--and my use of the Jazzloft sleeves has gone down,and my shelving needs have increased. Already my shelves are an interesting mix of the Jazzloft sleeves and the occasional special packing screaming out from the fray.

Hopefully this will be offset by a corresponding increase of music I get as downloadable FLAC, but we're not quite there yet.

2010-05-05, 02:13
I thought about doing something like this, but decided not to.

I just box all mine up as they are and put them in a self storage lock up I rent. At some point I plan to have a room with shelves all round for all my books, CDs and DVDs :)

2010-05-05, 04:24
Well I have decided to change my strategy and put the inserts back in the cases on the basis that I will hardly ever read them and they'll just collect dust. I'm glad I made the decision when I got to "D" and not Y or Z!

2010-05-05, 04:32
All my CD's are in boxes in the basement.
I do still have about 25 CDs in my Quadraspire rack upstairs, but that is to hide the powerstrip and cables.... no CD player there anyway ;-)

2010-05-05, 04:49
I kept the Cd's with the most interesting inlay cards in a small bookcase and boxed the rest in the loft. I find that in practice as you are not opening CD cases every time you play a track you never see the inlay card and so they rarely get looked at.

I do miss looking at the artwork but not having 400+cds racked up in the lounge. With more and more music available to buy as FLAC I think my CD buying days are limited. The pdfs that come with some FLAC albums aren't quite the same as having a nice vinyl inlay card in your hands though.

2010-05-06, 14:20
All my CD's are in boxes in the basement.

We had about 500 copies of my bands new cd in the bass players garage when his street got flooded, it made a horrible mess. I'd put them in the loft Slate.


2010-05-06, 15:05
All CDs are in boxes, boxes are in basement storage room. I can't imagine needing them unless I had to re-rip them all.

I do wish that apps like SBS had the ability to display all the inserts/booklets that come with some CDs. The only thing I miss from vinyl days is perusing the personnel, instrumentation, lyrics, and other apocrypha while listening to the music.

2010-05-06, 15:07
I do wish that apps like SBS had the ability to display all the inserts/booklets that come with some CDs. The only thing I miss from vinyl days is perusing the personnel, instrumentation, lyrics, and other apocrypha while listening to the music.
Some day I will pull all mine out of storage and scan the lot of them, inside and out. But that might wait until I'm moving them from storage onto shelves in a large room :)