View Full Version : volume normalization

Todd Fields
2004-08-17, 08:56
--- Michael Sigalos <miguel.slimdiscuss (AT) zoemail (DOT) net>

> I am not a fan of VN because (IMHO) it changes the
> overall sound of the
> track. However, I too am often very annoyed at the
> changes in volume
> between tracks, especially noticable are older ones
> versus current ones.

Ditto. I've always avoided

> Couldn't a "normalizer" be developed that would scan
> each track of the
> library but instead of making a change to the source
> material
> (undesirable), it would simply store a "relative
> volume value" (RVV) for
> each track. For argument sake let's say the RVV

Isn't this effectively what ReplayGain does? I wonder
how hard it would be to implement support for ReplayGain.

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