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Ken Hokugo
2004-08-17, 08:47
Reporting the conclusion (for now) of the topic below.

1. Ripping speed
No noticeable difference to my ears.

2. Wired or Wireless
I couldn't use the Wired configuration anyway (not that I still want to, but
can the Wireless version use Wired connection simultaneously?), but I now
strongly doubt this makes any difference.

3. Psycho-acoustic
Yeah, maybe. I cannot strongly deny this aspect.

And, fanally,
4. AC
I was powering SB from a power strip shared with TV, Cable Box, and VCR. I
changed it to another AC inlet which has ISO-Bar isolation power strip,
shared with other audio equipement. The difference is noticeable. This was
it, I think. I recommend everybody to try this.

I compared spinning CD and SB extensevely over the past few days and the
more I did the more I found the SB sound "natural". Sure, spinning CD on
the high-end CD transport gives you some "gorgeous" sound, but it sounds
more like a frill :-) I now have decided to sell multi kilo-buck transport.

I received the display upgrade kit yesterday. SD is right about using USPS.
It's always cheaper with the same quality of handling. It was very easy,
and looks great. I am looking forward to utilizing the display more and
more in the future SW/FW upgrades. Thanks.


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Subject: [slim] Wired or Wireless?
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:04:42 -0400


I have been enjoying Squeezebox ("SB") for the past few weeks and been
impressed with its easiness and flexibility. Yesterday, for the first time
since SB purchase, I compared the same CD between SB and my hi-end CD
transport. The CD had been ripped via iTunes in WAV format with USB Plextor
Premium CD-RW drive at its highest speed without "error correction". The PC
is brand-new Dell 8400. SB is wireless. Signal strength is between 50 to
60% (PC is in the next room). The CD is brand new classical piano solo.

Long story short, to my ears, using CD transport sounds more open, dynamic
and detailed. Scoreing the hi-end CD transport at 10, SB sound is, like, 8.
Not surprising (well, sort of...), but is this because (1) wireless signal
is not strong enough? (2) ripping speed is too fast? or (3) something else
(SB parts quality, etc.)?

I will try tonight with a patch cable for wired connection, but has anybody
else done similar comparison? Any opinion on this?

Thanks, as always.