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Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-08-17, 01:01

I have been able to get the XineLib to compile under cygwin. However, I
can't get Alienstream to link in.
Something to do with the dynamic/static libraries


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>> I've been tinkering with AlienStream. In a previous post I detailed
>> issues regarding WMA streams and hangs of the slimserver daemon. I
>> changed
>> the process a bit and got rid of the two pipes in /tmp. It now uses a
>> daemon process that listens for alien stream requests.

> Would love to see it. What platform?

This version runs on Lunix. Bottleneck for other platforms will be
getting the alienstream helper app (actually, the Xine libs it uses)
to compile. There was some talk about people trying to compile the libs
on new Macs, dunno how far they got.

Regards, Niek.