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2004-08-16, 21:44
Lossless volume normalization is a misnomer. You can't reduce the dB levels
of a recording without causing a change in the dynamic range of the

If you set your amplifier to 0dB and get out an SPL meter you can test this
yourself. Play a non-normalized recording. You will see that the low range
of the recording is probably around 60-70dB and the high end is something
like 89-98dB or so.

Now you normalize.

Normalization will reduce the aggregate of the recording to something like
85dB.... But the quiet passages are still at the same 60-70dB level.

You have now changed the dynamics and sound of your original recording.

Volume normalization is a great tool for people who are really annoyed with
different volume levels in their recordings and want a more "radio like"
experience when listening to their music library... But this whole
"lossless" rubbish is just that... There IS loss and change in sound quality
when you do normalization. No volume normalization for me, thanks.

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anthony webb wrote:

>does it work automatically with slim? or would I need to run it on my
>files before uploading?
You need to run it before. It is once in a lifetime deal, where you run it
once, and it LOSSLESSLY adjusts the volume. I has per album setting as well,
which is great for classical and jazz fans, where a particular song is meant
to be quiter than the rest of the album. I like this solution because:

1. lossless = does not mungle your bits
2. compatible with all mp3 playback devices (ipod, slim, winamp, etc) 3.
album mode 4. analyzes songs per energy, not per peak volume

Anyway check it out at: http://www.geocities.com/*mp3gain*/