View Full Version : Problem with Upgraded 7.5

2010-04-26, 06:34
Ever since I upgraded to 7.5 recently, the server will not stay started (dies after 4-5 seconds).

On the diagnostics tab, it says "Possible software conflict found".

In the Event log, the last bit of the application error event says:

"The following information is part of the event: Undefined subroutine &main::main called at slimserver.pl line 98."

There does not appear to be any log created for this.

Can anyone give me guidance on how to repair this?


2010-04-26, 06:40
It would be nice with some more background information.

Which OS are you running? Windows, Linux, ...
Are you running on a NAS or a PC?

2010-04-26, 06:58
Ah - my apologies...

Windows XP SP3.

Now that I look at it - I'm a little confused, in that the Control Panel (down in the corner) shows Squeezebox Server 7.4.2 / r30464. But the last log entry (from a week ago) shows it starting 7.5.0 / r30464.

Is there anything else I can tell you?