View Full Version : All this talk of low-power Atom . . . plugs that pretend to be computers . . .

2010-04-24, 22:36
No one mentions low-consumption amplifiers. How much money could they save?

Hey, 5.1 and 7.x receivers HAVE to take more power than plain Stereo right?

Shouldn't tube amps only be legal in states where they qualify as heaters?

When these issues are under control we could start to address why everyone has to listen to high-efficiency limited fidelity alternatives (that start with "Bos.")

Have fun.

2010-04-25, 04:23
Well, longer battery life, lower thermal signature and other feauteres desirable in small portable devices, could might as well be the main motivation for spending resources on Atom processors.

2010-04-25, 06:33
A low power computer is interesting because it can run all the time and control the "ecosystem" with less watts.
My SBs cut my amps when they are off. But they can't do much (even that!) without the server running.

Personally: 1. I don't mind spending electricity as long as it is not wasted, and 2. little is better than much.
I would have no problem powering an enormous lamp amplifier if I needed one to enjoy my music. But it would have to shut off properly when I don't use it.

Also, "Class-D" (?) amps like the one in the Boom are more efficient than others, or not?

Mark Miksis
2010-04-25, 13:39
A low power computer is interesting because it can run all the time and control the "ecosystem" with less watts.

It's also interesting because "low power" -> "no fan" -> "quiet".

2010-04-26, 00:57
I live in Norway where we have plenty of cheap hydroelectricity. Plus, it's cold, so we need heating 9 months a year anyway.

Thus I run an old noisy PC as a server, 24/7. It's in my kitchen, and makes more noise than the fridge and the freezer combined. But the kitchen has a door, and the door can be closed, so I'm good.

I also run my Class AB amp 24/7, except in the warmest summer months. With two aquariums at 25 degrees Celsius, four neighbouring flats around mine (only two walls exposed to the elements), and double/triple insulated windows, i ALMOST don't need to use my electric ovens. Except in the late autumn, in the winter and in the early spring.

And I live in the southern part of the country.