View Full Version : Internet Radio stops streaming

2010-04-24, 16:23
I have a persistent problem with one particular internet radio stream. Unfortunately it's my favourite and I'd really like to work out what's going on.

The url concerned is:

What happens is that the Duet shows it buffering quickly up to 99%, and the stream starts to play. After some time, perhaps a few seconds, perhaps ten minutes sometimes, the stream will just stop playing (silence). The Duet shows no errors and appears to be still playing. There's just no sound.

After waiting some time - sometimes minutes, sometimes anything up to an hour or so, the stream will suddenly come back online and start playing. Once again, no errors or warnings on the Duet, it just starts up again.

I have not seen this problem occur with any other streams. I am very sure my WiFi is working well (I had previous issues with WiFi that I completely and utterly solved), streaming music from SQB server and podcasts all work perfectly. This is the only issue and it's just this stream that has a problem I think.

I wrote about this previously here:
But at that time I had a major WiFi problem which has since been solved. Every other problem I had was solved by replacing my Access Point, except this one.

Is it possible there's actually a problem with that stream itself? Can someone kindly try listening on their Squeezebox for an hour or two and see if it cuts out for them? I know that's a big ask, but it really is an interesting station... :)