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2010-04-24, 08:43
I've ripped (EAC) and tagged (mp3tag) several CDs and now I'd like to see how the Squeezebox software interacts with my meager database before I continue.

I downloaded something named Squeezebox Server 7.5.0 (formerly named SqueezeCenter formerly named SlimServer, I think). Invoking it opens a Control Panel which is very handy, but it sure doesn't look like an interface to a database.

Where is the interface? Do I have to buy a product eg, Transporter, first?


2010-04-24, 09:11
Visit http://localhost:9000/ if you're on the machine running SBS.

You could also download SoftSqueeze (for an SB2/SB3/Transporter emulator) or SqueezePlay (for a radio/controller/touch emulator) if you want to see how players work.

Both are emulators (well Squeezeplay isn't really, but close enough) so they won't work -exactly- like a hardware player, but should be good enough to get a feel of things.

The web interface won't actually play anything at all unless you connect a player of some sort to it.

2010-04-25, 09:47
Thanks for the quick reply, snarly ...

localhost:9000 worked quite well. I was able to install(?) custom browse and include Composer in the list. I really do like this method of storing, organizing, and playing a music collection and am looking forward to the real thing.

Incidentally, SoftSqueeze|SqueezeSlave download was a bust. The unzipped contents contained, among other things, two executables. Invoking squeezeslave.asio flashed a DOS screen and went comatose.

The other, squeezeslave.exe, also opened a DOS screen with a flashing cursor, but no prompt. It also went comatose. Banging away at the keyboard did not entice it to accept any input.

localhost:9000 will suffice.

Thanks again.

2010-04-25, 10:00
SqueezeSlave is headless

I have a shortcut like
"C:\Program Files\Squeezebox\slave\squeezeslave-0.9-133.exe"

And the serve have to run before starting the slave, otherwise it will just shutdown.

I use the SBS + Squeezeslave at work

There are more parameters that can be set http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezeSlave

Another alternative is SqueezePlay

2010-04-25, 21:44
I think the missing step is after you've run squeezeslave (i.e. while the dos box is there with the flashing cursor) go to the localhost:9000. you may need to refresh but then squeezeslave should show up on the right as a player. You can then tell it to play music.