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Simon Turner
2004-08-16, 16:04
I am more than happy using a combination of my remote and PC to control my
But I do not like the look of the Squeezebox very much and would welcome a
new case.
A rack sized black (or aluminium) case with the new display would be fine.
No buttons required.

An extra $120 on the price would be pushing it a bit though.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?
> I am just talking about the squeezebox, as it is, in a larger, more
> professional looking enclosure, with the possible addition of some hard
> buttons.
> Obviously there are a wealth of ideas out there that people have
> for taking
> the Squeezebox to the 'next level' which include larger (color) displays,
> built in hard drives, television outputs, etc, but I am interested in
> showing Slim Devices folks if there is any demand for something that would
> probably be relatively inexpensive for them to produce sometime
> in the near
> future.
> -J
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> Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?
> ABSOLUTELY!!! I have been planning to rebuild my own MythTV box
> (Linux PVR),
> using a case from ???? (cant remember the name, mag is in my office,
> Anantek??). They build nice looking computer cases in the
> standard rack size
> of 17", with silent power supplies and brushed aluminum, almost as nice
> looking as a Musical Fidelity box. Now with the ability to run the
> slimserver software, integrated with MythTV interface, and then
> include VLC
> (Video Lan Client), and only limited local storage for the OS etc, and
> connected to a second box, either in the rack or elsewhere (RAID'd SAN, .5
> TB are more), this would be my dream component. With VLC you get
> uni/multicast video. Just point it to a source (PVR recording, external
> video in, DVD etc) and it will stream video across your wired/wireless
> network. If nobody comes up with this soon I will be attempting to design
> and build it myself. I really beleive it would make for a real category
> killer of a digital managment device. So in end-use!
> r terms, you could put in a DVD and it would just play, and your
> on screen
> controls would offer "Multicast Stream", "Unicast Stream" or
> "Play Locally"
> to send to your display. Basically the same sort of flexible
> media streaming
> as the SB, but with video and still using open source software. And of
> course any of the "other" MythTV features as well, weather, PVR, pictures
> etc. This would be one cool box and I think you could build it to sell for
> under 1k (US). And a more advanced system, maybe with the
> external storage,
> for under 2k.
> This is my dream box. Roughly described but hopefully enough to get the
> point.
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> Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?
> I just installed the new G display for my Squeezebox and I'm loving it!!!
> After the recent discussions around some demand for a full audio
> rack sized
> squeezebox in a professional looking aluminum or steel enclosure I'm
> wondering if people on the list could indicate how much demand
> there is for
> such an item.
> I'm visualizing the Squeezebox installed into an aluminum or black metal
> chassis with all of the standard outputs on the back. Rack mount
> ears might
> be available as a separate kit. Some hard buttons on the faceplate to do
> basic navigation would make a lot of sense here too and shouldn't be too
> difficult to incorporate since I think that they could use the geek
> connector to function.
> I'm envisioning a $399 price point for this hypothetical "squeezebox
> audiophile edition" and I would definitely order one at this
> price if such a
> beast became available.
> Anyone else have any interest/comments?
> -Jason.