View Full Version : Where to go if App Fails To Connect

2010-04-23, 09:43
What's the process to report an error when a specific App, for me today it's Mediafly, fails when it's selected on a Squeezebox.

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Do we contact the service, Mediafly, Live365, Shoutcast, etc., or is there a Logitech procedure to follow first?

The App may not be configured in mysquuezebox.com such as with my problem with Mediafly for the past 18 hours ....
An error has occurred. We're working to fix the problem, thank you for your patience.

.... But, is anyone working on it or is that a default message? ....

So self administration becomes problematic and the App service company itself may not recognize an issue with it's other streaming device interfaces (e.g. Roku).

It can be frustrating trying to align the App company and Logitech to look at the problem rather than pointing fingers to the user, the App company, or Logitech.