View Full Version : How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?

2004-08-16, 15:30
The problem with this is that the potential market for it is tiny (since it
would be worthless when out of your network range). Probably better to just
take your squeezebox and hook up some battery powered speakers.

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Or at the other end of the scale, how about a SqueezeBox-BoomBox - I'm
thinking a nice little portable unit with built in speakers/amp and battery
powered - ideal for putting out in the garden (or kids room) and connecting
wirelessly to the network in the house - I'm not sure how batteries would
handle the wireless connection, but it they were rechargable so you could
keep it plugged in and charged when not in use it'd be great! - Could be
finished in the same sort of rubberised plastic as the squeezebox.

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Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?

> I would order one! Dunno why there are some kits for the hackers out
> there too with the pieces to "roll your own" encloseure. I would love
> that!! Just the pieces might be a little cheaper too...
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> Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?
> > I just installed the new G display for my Squeezebox and I'm loving
> > After the recent discussions around some demand for a full audio
> > rack
> sized
> > squeezebox in a professional looking aluminum or steel enclosure I'm
> > wondering if people on the list could indicate how much demand there
> > is
> for
> > such an item.
> >
> > I'm visualizing the Squeezebox installed into an aluminum or black
> > metal chassis with all of the standard outputs on the back. Rack
> > mount ears
> might
> > be available as a separate kit. Some hard buttons on the faceplate
> > to do basic navigation would make a lot of sense here too and
> > shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate since I think that they
> > could use the geek connector to function.
> >
> > I'm envisioning a $399 price point for this hypothetical "squeezebox
> > audiophile edition" and I would definitely order one at this price
> > if such
> a
> > beast became available.
> >
> > Anyone else have any interest/comments?
> >
> > -Jason.
> >
> >
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