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Johnny Stork
2004-08-16, 15:21
ABSOLUTELY!!! I have been planning to rebuild my own MythTV box (Linux PVR), using a case from ???? (cant remember the name, mag is in my office, Anantek??). They build nice looking computer cases in the standard rack size of 17", with silent power supplies and brushed aluminum, almost as nice looking as a Musical Fidelity box. Now with the ability to run the slimserver software, integrated with MythTV interface, and then include VLC (Video Lan Client), and only limited local storage for the OS etc, and connected to a second box, either in the rack or elsewhere (RAID'd SAN, .5 TB are more), this would be my dream component. With VLC you get uni/multicast video. Just point it to a source (PVR recording, external video in, DVD etc) and it will stream video across your wired/wireless network. If nobody comes up with this soon I will be attempting to design and build it myself. I really beleive it would make for a real category killer of a digital managment device. So in end-user terms, you could put in a DVD and it would just play, and your on screen controls would offer "Multicast Stream", "Unicast Stream" or "Play Locally" to send to your display. Basically the same sort of flexible media streaming as the SB, but with video and still using open source software. And of course any of the "other" MythTV features as well, weather, PVR, pictures etc. This would be one cool box and I think you could build it to sell for under 1k (US). And a more advanced system, maybe with the external storage, for under 2k.

This is my dream box. Roughly described but hopefully enough to get the point.

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Subject: [slim] How much demand for an audio rack sized Squeezebox?

I just installed the new G display for my Squeezebox and I'm loving it!!!
After the recent discussions around some demand for a full audio rack sized
squeezebox in a professional looking aluminum or steel enclosure I'm
wondering if people on the list could indicate how much demand there is for
such an item.

I'm visualizing the Squeezebox installed into an aluminum or black metal
chassis with all of the standard outputs on the back. Rack mount ears might
be available as a separate kit. Some hard buttons on the faceplate to do
basic navigation would make a lot of sense here too and shouldn't be too
difficult to incorporate since I think that they could use the geek
connector to function.

I'm envisioning a $399 price point for this hypothetical "squeezebox
audiophile edition" and I would definitely order one at this price if such a
beast became available.

Anyone else have any interest/comments?