View Full Version : Problems compiling

2004-08-16, 14:19
When I try to compile alienstream I get the following

[root@gateway /]# gcc34 -Wall -O2 `xine-config --cflags` `xine-config
--libs`-lX11 -L /usr/X11R6/lib -L /usr/local/lib -L /usr/local/lib/xine -lm
-o alienstream alienstream.c
-bash: xine-config: command not found
-bash: xine-config: command not found
-bash: gcc34: command not found
[root@gateway /]#

so I tried to locate it

[root@gateway /]# locate xine-config

but when I look /usr/bin I cannot see it?

Also searched for gcc34 but cant find that either?

Am I being stupid?


Dean Jackson