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2010-04-20, 04:14
I know this topic has come up hear before but reading through the previous posts I would like to clarify a few things.
Any advice you could give would be great.

Basically my laptop is full so I am going to have to do something to listen to new music on my squeezebox!

I believe I should be able to get a NAS that will allow me to:

* Stream music wirelessly to the squeezebox without requiring the laptop to be running
* Run the other plugins such as the BBC listen again without requiring the laptop to be running
* Manage a shared itunes library
* Use a 2nd mirrored hard drive to make a duplicate copy of everything on the NAS
* Download content to NAS from internet while the laptop is off

Have I understood this correctly? Are there any particular devices you would recommend?
In saying all this… is there much advantage to using a dedicated NAS instead of a low spec PC server?


2010-04-20, 06:02
In saying all this… is there much advantage to using a dedicated NAS instead of a low spec PC server?

If you use a NAS then you also have a NAS for all your NAS-tacular needs. If you don't *also* need a NAS then using a NAS for SBS might not be the best solution.

NAS can consume less energy than a low end PC if that's important to you. However, there are other low power non-NAS solutions out there for SBS like the plug computers.

If you are price sensitive ask your friends and relatives if there is an old PC laying around....

2010-04-20, 06:46
Hi Conor,
Any decent Synology/Qnap should give you that.
I have an "old" synology (107+) with the official synology package which works very well on spite of the low specs. True, accessing the server web interface is not quick, but I use the interface only to access the players settings and to correct the odd tag or cover.

The real caveat is that the official synology package is always a good couple of versions behind (7.5 will be probabily released end of the month) and only official plug-ins can be installed. You might want to install the SBS yourself and you can in fact (SSODS), ism not as straighforward as using the synology packages.

is there much advantage to using a dedicated NAS instead of a low spec PC server?

Well I tried to built my own nas, but while it was relatively easy to get basic functionality I was far, far away from what I can achieve now (personal mail server, own photo blog, automatic backup to amazon s3, multiple downloads with the pc off, to name just a few), and all this can be set-up in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. I am now thinking to use the NAS box I have built myself (around a shuttle case) as a pure SBS server with vortexbox, but the prospect of loosing the functionalities I now give for granted (access of my music files fom anywhere, automatic backup and direct streaming to my iphone thanks to some synology iphone apps) is helding me back

Having said that, if you only need a squeezebox server then I can strogly recomend vortexbox (appliance or DIY if you have an old machine collecting dust). On top of autoripping and auto tagging, you get a free player too ;-)


2010-04-20, 07:34
Right, forgot to mention that on the synology forum, I have heard that the squeezebox server package prevents my little 25w to hybernate, not that I really care, and I would not have noticed myself, but I know some people really care for those kind of things.