View Full Version : Can I install SSOTS 4.8 after(!) SBS 7.5.0??

2010-04-19, 11:26

I have done a proper SBS 7.5.0 installation on a NAS (QNAP TS-119).
I used SSOTS 4.8 to do so.

Everything was fine until a restart of the NAS; now some folders which SSOTS needs, are empty. No way to start the SBS ...!

Anyway, I do not know why this happend, but what I would like to ask is:
Can I re-install SSOTS 4.8 without(!) destroying my SBS 7.5.0 installation?

I hope somebody knows ...!



2010-04-21, 11:14
I just done it. I could install SSOTS after Squeezebox Server on my NAS.

2010-04-22, 00:57
Nice thing, this proofs SSOTS its flexability!

I am still on SSODS 4.7 together with a early April build of SBS 7.5.1.
It is running fine, but i like to keep up-to-date ;-)

Actually, I am more 'involved' keeping my SBS version recent. Reinstalling SBS package is not a big concern for me. It is easy and little settings need to be altered afterwards.
I am even considdering the 7.6.x version.