View Full Version : Presets & Favorites in 7.5

2010-04-16, 16:10
I'm struggling a bit with presets and favorites in 7.5. I've got three radios and one touch (another touch on the way). I like to access presets from my remote control on the radio in the bedroom. Since upgrading to 7.5 this isn't working. The "hard buttons" on the radio work. In searching posts in these forums it seems favorites may have taken over the number buttons from presets. If this is correct how do you assign a favorite (or anything) to the remote control number buttons? I plan on replacing the radio in the bedroom with a touch, how do I set this up on the touch? Thanks

2010-04-19, 13:58
Are presets and/or favorites accessed using the number keys not working in 7.5 right now? I can't seem to get this to work.