View Full Version : SqueezePlay problems

2010-04-16, 14:28
Trying the latest SqueezePlay nightly build (16. April) for Mac, but have two problems/questions:

1) Audio is playing through the internal speakers no matter what (OS X 10.6.3 on a MBP), even if the Macs Sound preferences is set to go through my USB sound card; any idea why?

2) Is it possible to use SqueezePlay externally, i.e. outside my own network (for example from work)? Or is it just meant to be used locally?


2010-04-29, 12:07
Bug report has been filed for the first problem, but I'm still in the dark concerning the second part:

Can SqueezePlay be used to access a Squeezebox Server from outside the local network, say from work (if SBS is running at home)?