View Full Version : SSODS 4.8 / SBS 7.5.0 HIBERNATION problems on Synology

2010-04-16, 04:48

I upgraded a few days ago to SSODS 4.8 with SBS 7.5.0 for my Squeezebox Radio which I use to listen to my iTunes library on my Synology DS210J.

With 7.4.2 I had some hibernation problems, which I solved by disabling mysqueezebox.com, uPnP and Last-Fm.Audioscrobbler.

With 7.5.0 I have again hibernation problems which were not solved disabling the services above. Sometimes it hibernates, sometimes not, looks like random.

During non-hibernation phases, usually nothing is written into the server logs so I have no idea which activities is the cause.

I noticed that:
- starting SBS in SSODS tells me "...OK, Unknown HZ value! (92) Assume 100"
- stopping SBS returns an error. But SBS is really stopped

A non-hibernating NAS makes the whole concept rather useless, so I'm really annoyed!

Any help would be very welcome...