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Dave Parboo
2004-08-16, 02:24
Hi James,

Since this type of integration is something that I would like to see (and
having just scanned the archives, I gather that there would be more interest
in your plug-in) I can only offer my encouragement. While I do possess some
programming skills none of the languages that I know are anything like Perl.
Regardless of that, if you feel that I can help in any way (testing,
encouragement, beer), please let me know.



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I wouldn't want to get anyone too excited but I'm very close to having done
this in my own way.
I've written perl code that given a song title and file path increments the
iTunes played count and sets the last played date to the current date. (all
of about 10 lines of code using the iTunes COM interface)
For my first pass at this problem I'm planning on just hacking the
'Web::History' module to call my function when it writes to the history
playlist. (I've also changed the code somewhere else to call this at the end
of the song, not the start, as iTunes does).

Obviously this is all a bit messy and not really the right way of doing
things so ultimately I was thinking of modifying the 'SlimScrobbler' plugin
to update iTunes rather than send data back to AudioScrobbler - this module
does pretty much what I want already and is far better written than anything
I have the skills or time to manage! (eg handling of multiple synchronised
I guess that's OK under the terms of the software?

And as for what are the advantages of using iTunes? - try it, you might like
it. But, err, do back up your mp3s first...
Personally I haven't touched another mp3 player/ripper/tagger since iTunes
for Windows came out and to be really honest I'd be happiest if I could
control my squeezebox directly from iTunes. I do still use mp3gain and
mp3direct cut though so it's not *quite* a complete solution!
(Admission: I've owned an iPod for a couple of years already)


Dave Parboo wrote:


I seem to vaguely recall that there was going to be a software release (or
perhaps a plug-in) that would be able to update certain fields of tracks
within iTunes (in particular the "Last Played" field) - did I dream this
while sucking on some weird stuff and listening to "Hole in my Shoe", or was
it true.

If it was true are we any closer to getting this feature?

Many tanks in a dance



It would also be nice to be able to "Rate" tracks via the Squeezebox, but
I'll settle for the updating "Last Played" field.