View Full Version : can you buy just a SBR?

2010-04-15, 14:18
if i want a SBR only, the black box portion of the duet, can i buy just that from logitech?

if not, why not? if i already have a duet, why can't i get multiple SBRs?

2010-04-15, 14:25
If you had posted this 2 weeks ago I would have known it was a joke. This has been discussed to death over the past 1-2 months in these forums, with lots of rumors and FUD, but no clear answers. MickeyG (or someone else from Logi) reported that they ran out of stock and were waiting on another production batch, but who knows.

Short answer is that the SBR is no longer on the Logitech US web site, but the Duet package is. The few resellers on eBay and Amazon had big markups, asking around $500 for an SBR. The SBR may still be on some of the sites for other countries, but I haven't looked in weeks.

2010-04-15, 14:36

i thought logitech was going to be good in the long run. i'm growing skeptical.

i understand times are tough, and that explains cut resources to a degree, but this is getting to be really bad.

with devices like this:


now coming out, i wonder if squeeze can survive.