View Full Version : Slim server and samba shares

2004-08-15, 17:34
> I have slim server running on Redhat 9.0, I am trying to use a remote
> samba share as my music folder. Every time I try to use it, I get a
> message that the folder does not appear valid.

put a line into /etc/fstab something like:

//server/share /mnt/music smbfs
uid=slimserver,credentials=/etc/samba/slimcred 0 0
or else

//server/share /mnt/music smbfs
user,username=slimserver,uid=slimserver 0 0

These wont be quite right because they are from Linux to NT-4 server. It
might depend how you have usernames mapped between systems. The first
case reads password from a locally stored file. The second requires you
to enter password. You might want to run it as guest with no password.
man smbmount
to get the list of options to put into fstab

Having said that, if I am reading correctly you are connecting from
Linux to Linux box. I would suggest you don't use samba at all but use
NFS, which maintains Linux permissions, ownership and will be more