View Full Version : Have the SD servers been moved to a new hardware or to a new ISP?

2010-04-14, 20:47
In the past couple days the respond of the UI of the forum, mysqueezebox.com and the servers from where I download the builds either loose connection or are too slow to respond. This morning I could not download the latest 7.51 build because the download time out several times. mysqueezebox.com kept disconnecting my SB3 and when it connected the streams would stop and restart. Something changed at the data center servers, with a router in the data center or with an ISP router on the way there... I'm in NYC and all the other internet services that I use are working as usual. I tried restarting my router and my computers several times, but it made no difference. When I run streaming services like Pandora directly from my computer I have no problems with the streams. Coincidence?... or Am I going crazy over here?