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Christopher May
2004-08-15, 15:36
This will work until you can get softsquueze going.... Let me know if
you do!

GSPlayer 2.06
http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA032810/ and it works like a charm!
Kinda... You cannot control the server from GSPLayer, so you just point
the player at the stream URL and then go back to the slimserver page and
stop/play shuffle etc from there. I am having some playback issues, some
pauses in the music. Not sure if I'm streaming too high a bit rate...


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Hi Softsqueezers,
I've been having a trawl around google trying to find a java engine for
PPC 2003 so I can run softsqueeze on my PDA. Do any of the Java guys
know if there is such a thing? I see some apps for PPC which are java
knocking around, but can't find anythgin to run them under.