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Jason Holtzapple
2004-08-15, 14:22
--- Phillip Kerman <lists (AT) phillipkerman (DOT) com> wrote:

> I'm trying to get my settings for FLAC set up nicely and having some
> problems/questions.
> The FLAC setting 0 through 8 is just for how much compression--it doesn't
> affect quality (right?). So, would I want to just leave it at 0 because
> then the slim server won't have to decompress as much?

Decompression takes about the same time for all settings. So I
recommend leaving it at -8 (--best) to encode.

> Also, I'm finding the dropouts are plentiful when I'm going wireless. Do I
> need to point slim.exe to a decoder? I saw three things that I'm not clear
> about:

> --server settings > file types > File format conversion set up (Is this for
> some on-the-fly compression?)

It can be, depending on what's enabled.

> --player settings > bitrate limiting (will this not affect quality?)


> --a note:
> (Note: You do not appear to have LAME installed. SlimServer will need the
> LAME MP3 encoder installed on your system to do conversion to MP3. You can
> find out more about LAME here.)
> (Do I need to point to LAME?)

If you are having trouble with wireless and bandwidth for raw pcm, then
yes - you'll need to put lame in a place where the server can find it so
the server can transcode to mp3 to conserve network bandwidth.