View Full Version : FLAC optimization

Phillip Kerman
2004-08-15, 13:57
I'm trying to get my settings for FLAC set up nicely and having some

The FLAC setting 0 through 8 is just for how much compression--it doesn't
affect quality (right?). So, would I want to just leave it at 0 because
then the slim server won't have to decompress as much?

Also, I'm finding the dropouts are plentiful when I'm going wireless. Do I
need to point slim.exe to a decoder? I saw three things that I'm not clear

--server settings > file types > File format conversion set up (Is this for
some on-the-fly compression?)
--player settings > bitrate limiting (will this not affect quality?)
--a note:
(Note: You do not appear to have LAME installed. SlimServer will need the
LAME MP3 encoder installed on your system to do conversion to MP3. You can
find out more about LAME here.)

(Do I need to point to LAME?)

Any pointers will be appreciated.