View Full Version : Two libraries: Lossless and Lossy. Possible?

2010-04-13, 00:08
I have two music folders that I don't want to mix, my usual ALAC folder and an old MP3 folder which contents Im slowly replacing with ALAC.

Is it possible to have two libraries in the squeezebox server while using itunes? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance for the help!

2010-04-13, 01:47
I'm in a similar situation. I have a big old MP3 collection, and a new, smaller FLAC collection. In the living room, where I have a decent stereo, I don't want MP3s, but on the Controller and Squeezeslave, I wouldn't notice much difference.

I could live with combining the two into one library, as long as I could clearly see which albums were FLAC and which albums were MP3.

2010-04-15, 01:49
Currently there are two solutions available:

Run several Squeezebox Server instances, one for FLAC and one for MP3. To switch between the library you switch server. Two Squeezebox Server instances can be set up like:
- On two separate computers
- On separate virtual computers on the same real computer using virtualbox or similar virtualization tool.
- On a single computer by configuring the network card so it's exposed as two different IP addresses and connect each Squeezebox Server instance to its own IP address. This alternative is a bit tricky unless you know what you are doing.

Use the Multi Library and Custom Browse third party plugins to setup a virtual library for FLAC and another virtual library for MP3. The standard browse menus will still be connected to the total library, it's only the menus provided through Custom Browse that will show a single library. Some of the standard menus can be replaced with the Custom Browse version. If you like to go this route, you can probably pickup some ideas on this wiki page:

Unfortunately neither of these solution results in a perfect setup. There are plans for multiple library support in a future version of Squeezebox Server, currently targeted to a 8.x release.

2010-04-15, 05:55
I had a similar problems, have mp3 copies of all my FLAC files for syncing with iTunes, but because I also have lots of mp3 only stuff, I am still using both iTunes and my Music Folder. Decided to tag all mp3 albums with "(MP3)" before the name of the album. That way I know which version of the album I am about to play.