View Full Version : Scripts to automate FLAC+CUESHEET encoding

Stuart Hickinbottom
2004-08-15, 10:50
I'm currently re-encoding my collection into FLAC+CUESHEETs now that I
have the space to store them. As I have a slow-ish PC I wanted to
offline the compression task to my Linux server so that it could run

To cut a long story short, I have written a couple of Perl scripts
that do the following:

1. The first is used as the external compressor in Exact Audio Copy
(EAC), which moves the WAV+CUESHEET to my server, but also
creates a file to store the tags (these would otherwise be lost
when you just encode to WAV+CUESHEET in EAC);
2. The second I run on the server. This finds the uploaded albums
and compresses them with FLAC, applying the tags that were saved
in the first step.

This isn't rocket science by any means, but if anyone has similar
requirements to mine then they may find them useful. I won't claim
they're bullet-proof, or even work on someone else's configuration,
but you may find them interesting.

You can find them at http://hickinbottom.demon.co.uk/slimserver.htm