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2010-04-12, 05:22
In last month my receiver has been doing some strange things.It would suddenly loose contact with the router and the blue LED light comes on and then eventually connects (sometimes after 30 - 40 mins later)and turns white and then turns off (as its off on the squeezecenter). Sometimes it would drop off while its playing something and then eventually comes on. Before this (since i got it about 8months ago) it has been connected without dropouts. The signal is 92% (its in the same room as the router) All my other squeezebox boom + classic has been solid without dropouts.

I finally bought a long lan cable and has connected the receiver with the router, however its still connected via wireless and I can't work out how to switch it to wired lan, i hope this will solve my problems.

2010-04-12, 07:29
After connecting the ethernet cable to the SBR you need to do a factory reset of the SBR by pressing and holding the front button until it is blinking red _rapidly_ (not the slow red blink). Then you need to completely re-do the initial setup procedure that is described in the manual.

By coincidence, I just did this over the weekend after moving one of my SBRs, and for some reason it wouldn't switch over the way it should have. Eventually I gave up doing it the usual way (as described above) and I used the Net::UDAP utility to configure the SBR, and then all was fine. So if the normal way doesn't work for you, you can fall back on Net::UDAP (search these forums for more info).

2010-04-12, 15:28
Thanks Aubuti. It worked, hopefully the receiver will stay connected

2014-12-02, 12:03
Old thread, however completely the same question...

I just connected my SB to ethernet, and powered off / on and pressed until flast red flash.

It then went green, then blue and rebooted itself, (which i think it does when it changes network type)

The player has blue (no server configured) and the LAN lights are all green

however the controller said "unable to connect to ethernet" and now can't find the player at all!

I can see the player on my router as connected device, however I can't get to it anyway at all that I can see, the remote lost it and now it's gone.

Any ideas on how I can get back into the configuration?


2014-12-02, 13:49
Have you tried starting over with a different cable?

-Plug in cable to both router and receiver before reset

-Factory reset both receiver and controller

-During setup on the controller it seems like about the third thing the controller asks is if you want wired or wireless on the receiver

It's been a while since I've done this, but this should be close.

2014-12-02, 16:27
I ended up using the nrt::udap process and that eventually worked.

I always found this initial setup a slight barrier to entry


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2014-12-02, 23:43
I've never tried it, but there is an android "alpha" app that does net::udap called SqueezeConfig. A guy who had the id of Flattermann on these boards built it along with an app called "Squeeze Commander" to control your squeezebox platform, an app that you can buy on the Google Play store (hasn't been updated in years). You have to tell android security that it's okay to install thesqueezeconfig.apk from an unknown source after you download it.

2014-12-03, 03:59
Thanks. I guess it always seemed odd one has to buy or get third party programs to get ones Logitech system to work, but it's all too late for that now!

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