View Full Version : Itunes Duplicates/triplicates being created - help

2010-04-11, 03:35
I have copied my iTunes music to a network storage device. I changed the Music and Playlist folder settings to the the network drive. It won't allow me to change the "iTunes Music Library.xml Location" to the network drive. Now when it scans the music it is producing duplicates, or triplicates of many albums.
Please help.

2010-04-11, 04:29
Is the iTunes XML file on the network drive at all? For all I know, iTunes always creates it in your user profile, no matter where the actual music library is.

But generally I would recommend to use either iTunes integration or the SB library scanner, but not both at the same time (i.e. leave the Music Folder field in the server settings blank if you use iTunes integration). Otherwise it is quite likely that tracks are imported twice.