View Full Version : Strange noise when connecting Transporter directly

2010-04-10, 16:43

I normally connect my Transporter to my Electrocompaniet AW400 monoblocks through my Yamaha RX-V3900 surround receiver and have no issues.

Today I tried to connect Transporter directly to AW400 using unbalanced cables, which I have done several times before without issues using XLR cables, but for some reason I get a really loud continous noise in my right speaker, unaffected by volume changes. The noise is like a midrange pitched 50hz, so probably some grounding thing. I tried moving all my cables without it affecting the noise at all. I am using unbalanced connections on the Transporter and RCA to XLR on the AW400 side (they do not have unbalanced inputs)

I have tried changing XLR-adapters and cables without success. The strange thing is that it is only a problem in one channel. Shouldn't it be an issue in both mono amps?

When connecting back through my Yamaha receiver everything is OK again. Very strange.

Any ideas?