View Full Version : SqueezeboxG upgrade experience

Steve Baumgarten
2004-08-14, 18:50
Got my display upgrade today; for anyone who's thinking about upgrading,
let me tell you, it's worth it.

The upgrade procedure is very simple, even for someone (like me) who
doesn't generally consider himself a hardware kind of guy.

The instructions that come with the display are clear, with full color
pictures at each step. There's really only one slightly tricky step, where
you cut off a cable but leave one pin alone. No big deal, just required
some extra care. The rest of it was nothing more than pulling off a ribbon
cable from the old display and attaching it to the new one, then attaching
a single cable to the single pin you left standing on the circuit board.

Total time to do the upgrade: 5 minutes.

Having done it -- wow, it's nice. I cranked the display size up to its
largest font and I can now see what's playing and even browse through
music from across the room (where "across the room" in my case means about
15 feet). Really makes a difference.

What was already an extremely cool gadget is now even cooler -- and better

Special thanks to the Slimdevices guys -- what other hardware manufacturer
would offer an upgrade like this? An improved version of some product
comes out and generally you get two choices: you can buy it or live
without it. Offering the display upgrade is a class move, and much