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2010-04-10, 14:07
So, I love the idea of the Squeezebox -- so much so that I own a Radio, 2 Booms and a Duet.

Since I received the Radio, I've been REALLY let down -- we all know the problems with the alarm - and then it took forever to get new firmware.

And, now, 7.5 is out --- everything seemed to be working 'ok' for me - and I was sick of it asking me to update the software on all of my devices, so I did it.

Now, I play a song on Pandora and it stops -- after every song. I have better stability with Sirius -- but it still stops playing after about 45 minutes.

Can someone please help? I'm pretty close to returning these things since no one on the Support line was able to help.


2010-04-10, 15:18
You can turn off any notifications for updates:
SBS > Settings > Advanced > Software Updates > Don't check for updates

You can dl your previous version of SBS and go back to that version and Firmware if you wish: